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Fractal  Art is the  Graphical  representation of complex Mathematical  Formulae.
The term Fractal was coined by a French Mathematician, Benoît B. Mandelbrot in
the year 1975. He is known as the Father of Fractals.

A Fractal is  generally "a rough or fragmented  geometric shape that can be split
into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced- size copy of the
whole," a property called self-similarity.
Images of fractals can be  created using  different fractal  generating software.
Most  popular among these are ...... Apophysis,  Fractal Explorer,  Ultra Fractal,
Tiarazon, Sterling Fractals etc.....
There is an exhibit of my Fractals at SlideShow/mocalogo.jpg ...Please have a look...

Fractal Landscapes by Lux....100% Fractals no post-process...except signature...:)

Please allow loading time....there are 39 slides!

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My latest Fractals can be seen at Deviant Art galleries ...here

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